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In the last 6 years, Reeve has founded and built several million dollar companies through strategic digital marketing methods. He is otherwise known as the “Rule Breaker” entrepreneur for his unconventional ways of life.

With great demand in speaking on stage, he has spoken on the platforms alongside world class entrepreneurs and marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Kevin “Shark Tank” Harrington, Mark “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Joyner and other reputable authorities in the market.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Funnel Duo Media, a funnel design and funnel strategy consultation agency. As a business mastermind, he has trained tens of thousands people worldwide to help grow and transform their businesses online.

Reeve was ranked one of the top web developers in 2015. He has won multiple championships in international hackathons and programming contests. London Evening Standard featured him and his award winning innovative application, that feature was recognized by Apple’s music chief.

He is the icon of today’s digital world and has trained over 41,786 people from all over the world and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs monetize and profit from digital businesses. In recognition of his triumph, Reeve was invited as an official member of Forbes Business Council.

Reeve and his team have worked with: 


Whether you are just starting out in the online business or you are looking to take it to the next level, there is something for you.




The Reeve Yew Show

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To unlock financial independence of individuals globally with internet marketing skills and help business owners to grow their companies strategically.

What They Say

10 times better than before, and the perceived quality is so much higher. I will definitely send more business your way and refer all my clients to you!

Mike Dillard

Multi-Million American Entrepreneur

Reeve's 3 day live training was jam packed full of value, that is carefully delivered so as not to overwhelm, but rather, inform, educate, inspire, and most importantly empower us to implement. It meets you where you are, tells you where you can be, and leaves you with all the tools and guidance necessary to get you there. Kudos to Reeve, Jackson, and all the team!

Bryan Chan

Founder @ Conversion Studio

Reeve is the guy that has completely changed my life in a matter of few months. From a student who’s lost in direction and heavy in debt to raking in over $10k a month, all these would not have happened if I have not met Reeve. Words can’t expressed my appreciation and gratitude to Reeve!

Jedy W

Engineer-turned Funnel Expert

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