July 27, 2018

Look at this screenshot my daily payout of $10,000.

How did you think I made that?

I DIY-ed the report on my photoshop.

It’s FAKE!

I’m certainly not saying that everyone fakes their daily income snapshot but HELLO we’re talking about the Internet here and things can be easily faked. I still have relatives forwarding 1-Like-1-Prayer messages to me (thanks Aunt Agnes) so I don’t see why people wouldn’t post a fake screenshot like I did.

Like, I do know some people who ARE making $10,000 a day, but that’s really uncommon.

My point is, don’t take everything you see on the Internet at face value.

I wish I made THAT much, to be honest, but I’m only making 10% of it.

About $1000 daily.

BUUUUTTTT you don’t have to believe me.

Don’t trust anyone’s “proof of income” online. Not texts. Not Screenshots. Not Videos.

Don’t even trust my income proof, because you don’t need to know exactly how much more I’m making compared to you.

If I can’t trust those “Income Evidences” online, how do I know what’s my benchmark?

You’re asking the right questions!

What is the potential income of an Internet Marketer?

Before this, let me clarify that I’m not trying to sell you anything here.

I don’t need to. I’m making enough.

But you want to be like me, right?

Look at my content. Scrutinize the stuff that I’m writing on this blog and my other blogs (Hint: As a SEO-er, you’ll have plenty of niche blogs).

The same goes for other bloggers; exercise critical thinking and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this guy really knowledgeable in this industry?
  • Is he just trying to upsell something to me every chance he has?
  • Is he simply using screenshots of his pay to bait you, without providing solid points on how to get there?

Study the content of these bloggers (mine and everyone else’s) thoroughly and judge for yourself if they are genuine.

As mentioned in this Don’t Be A Digital Hoe article, a beginner can make $5,000 per month. So that’s your benchmark. Meanwhile, intermediate Internet Marketers can make about $30,000 to $50,000 from multiple streams of revenue. Let me just break it down for you.

  1. Affiliate Marketing (50% of revenue)
  2. Coaching (About $300-500 per hour)
  3. For emails, selling solo ads (selling emails of tier 1 countries) are usually priced at $0.70 per click. If you sell just 5000 clicks a month, then you’ll earn an extra $3500
  4. On FB or Instagram, a single story shoutout can rake in $200-500 each
  5. Miscellaneous ways. If you can get anything from 0 – $100, you can easily scale vertically to $10k. And when you have the money to invest and try out other methods, then you can scale horizontally to $50k.

Now here’s the dream.

As an advanced level Internet Marketer, it’s not a problem at all to rake in any amount above $100,000 per month. Have you heard of Anik Singal? What about Peng Joon?

Those two are making that much. Probably even more.

Take that money to invest horizontally, you’ll then have companies running solely on Internet Marketing. The perfect example is Mindvalley (based in Malaysia); they have 200 employees and make a yearly revenue of approximately $30m, just from creating digital products only.

Crazy shit yo, this Internet Marketing thing.

Whaaaatt…. If it’s that great why isn’t everyone on board already?

Lol. Didn’t your mom tell you to become a doctor to be rich?

Why are you not a doctor yet? (HAHAHA SORRY MOM I’M NO DOCTOR TOO)

Anything that promises you clean, legal wealth will SURELY involve some form of mastering the technicalities behind it. Engineering, lawyers, artists, singing, you name it.

So if you’re just looking for some get-rich-scheme, Internet Marketing is not for the lazy ass.

You need to put in actual brain work and strategy.

Think niche media, but on a global scale.

If you don’t know what’s a niche, read this article on How To Pick A Niche.

Well, okay… Show me what to do first?

Sure. Here goes!

Making a lot of money from Internet Marketing is possible, but please don’t be baited by screenshots (whether real or fake) of how much people are making. Things can be framed.

Do NOT be greedy or gullible.

I can’t emphasize this enough. OMG let me just show you.

I made this Fake Clickbank Screenshot Generator and this is how I DIY-ed my fake “Daily Income Snapshot” you saw in the screenshot above. Go on. Try it. Key in however much you want and the website will generate this legit-looking weekly Clickbank sales snapshot.

If a half-assed programmer (turned writer) like me can code this simple Clickbank-proof software within an hour, the skillful ones are capable of crafting something that seems genuine.

Play with the screenshot generator tool here https://wickedmarketers.com/clickbank-screenshot-generator/

This is why I insist that you mustn’t trust snapshots or claims of any sort made by individuals.

There’s also this Inspect Element Tutorial on how to manipulate HTML DOM on any website. You can manipulate any figure, image or text within seconds.

Easy peasy.

Question: I keep reading about Internet Marketers finding/being mentors. Do I even need one??

Well, some people do well under mentorship, while some are proactive enough to make it on their own. If you have disposable income and want to learn things super fast, then you probably CAN get a mentor.

How to choose a mentor?

Look at the quality of their content, not their screenshots or snapshots or whatever. If they keep trying to upsell you stuff, move on. You are not a money bag. Remember, quality is king in the Internet Marketing world. Don’t pick them JUST BECAUSE they are advanced Internet Marketers either. Being ‘advanced’ doesn’t mean that they care about your well-being.

Don’t pick a mentor based on how much he’s making either.

The fact is, people who are making $500,000 monthly wouldn’t ever share you all his secrets.

And the one who is making just $10,000, it doesn’t mean he isn’t doing it right. It might just mean he doesn’t scale enough. Or maybe, his team isn’t as big as the whales, because his priority is his family.

See? you wouldn’t know these things.

Remember those advanced level Internet Marketers I just mentioned a while ago? I’ve approached some of them (I was a desperate learner, okay). Here’s my experience.

I opted in for a $497 course. They tried to upsell the $5,000 course.

My dumbass bought it (so you don’t have to). As soon as I’m in the $5,000 course, they upsell for their $20,000 one-on-one coaching.

THAT, I didn’t buy.

Well shit… I hope that course was worth it?

Uhm, I would say that having a mentor was somewhat helpful at my beginner level.

But honestly, $5,000 felt like a rip-off to me that time because most of that stuff I was spoon-fed in the course are FREELY AVAILABLE all over the Internet!

But here’s the reality of the Internet Marketing scene.

Google is flooded with FREE beginner courses. But as a beginner, you do not have the experience to distinguish between what works for you, and what does not.

Having a mentor can be helpful in shedding light on the right direction you should follow, should you reach a roadblock.

What I learned was this; don’t rely on any mentor. He or she is just there to point you in the right direction and is sure as hell not gonna guarantee your income.

The key is YOU.

YOU need to take ACTION.

YOU need to be PROACTIVE.

YOU need to START.

Because guess what? Nobody cares about how much you’re making, except yourself.

About the author 

Reeve Yew

Reeve is the CEO and a Member of Forbes Business Council.

He has spoken on stages, both online and offline, alongside world class entrepreneurs and marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Kevin “Shark Tank” Harrington and Mark “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Joyner.

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