November 11, 2020

best facebook ad examples for ad marketing

Here’s a dare for you;

Casually scroll through your Facebook newsfeed for just 1 minute. I assure you that in that one minute, you will pass at least four sponsored ads.

Trust me; I tested this out several times. 

Some of them will catch your attention; others won’t. But the fact of the matter is that in the average amount of time people scroll through Facebook (this is equivalent to roughly 38 minutes for US adults), they will come across 152 ads – be it images, videos, collections, etc.

This means that in a day, at minimum, you have a 1/152 chance to make an impression, assuming only one of your advertisements reach your target market’s attention!

“Umm. I’m confused – what should this tell me then?”

Today, I will show you 32 winning ad examples that totally ruled this 2020.

Let’s try to digest everything these ads have done right and use these insights to kickstart your ad campaign in 2021. 

Before that, let me first point out which factors can transform an ad from being “meh” to “totally awesome.”

Factors That Affect Your Facebook Ads Performance

Ad Template

There are quite a number of templates you can choose from when you create your advertisement in Facebook Ads Manager.

We have image ads, videos, collections, Instant Experience, story ads, AR, etc. 

For instance, if you run a retail business and would like to pitch several products at once, running a collection ad rather than a plain image ad may work better given the circumstance. 

It’ll also help your potential customers find and purchase the items they like faster – leading to an increase in conversions and sales for your business.

Ad Content

The appropriateness, timeliness, and relevance of your ad content to your target market are factors that need to be considered if you want to run a successful Facebook marketing campaign. 

Are you trying to pose a solution to an observed problem? 

What is your end goal for this ad – to educate, to sell, to raise brand awareness?


The colors, fonts, graphics, and practically everything else that meets your viewers’ eyes would affect their overall impression about your brand.

The thumbnail you set for your video ads will affect the number of plays it’ll get. 

Pro Tip:
Don’t go overboard with the ad text you put in an image or thumbnail. Keeping the text at 20% of the entire image space is advised to see the best response.

Headline & Description

If you don’t have a compelling enough headline, they surely won’t bother to make a stop and check out your content. 

The same thing goes with the description. You need to start strong and get people’s attention with the very first line – or before the paragraph splits to “read more.”

For instance, if you are retailing a product, it would be best to write a shorter description with bullet points enumerating important information, such as specs, features, pain points, benefits, etc. 

On the other hand, if you are trying to advertise a service or coaching program, it would be best to use long-form descriptions as it would help you establish yourself as a person of authority.


Here are some tips;

– Keep it short but precise
– Stick to one clear CTA per post (throwing everything into a single post will only confuse potential customers)
– Use emotionally-charged terminologies whenever possible
– Make it relevant to the post 

Sense of Urgency

Lastly, a winning Facebook ad always knows how to create a sense of urgency in customers.

Limited time offer! Just 2 days left! Change your life today!

I’m sure that you have seen similar phrases in your Newsfeed before and it certainly made you look at what’s going on. 

Aside from using time elements, another way to create a sense of urgency is to make people feel that they are missing out on something BIG just because they haven’t bought your product yet (or entered your service, registered to your program, etc.). 

FOMO or the Fear Of Missing Outis something we all have to some degree and effective marketers know how to work that to their advantage. 

32 Winning Ads Of 2020 That Just Make Sense

So without further ado, let’s check out some really cool ads from 2020 and I’ll tell you exactly what it is that makes them great!

1. Burger King marketing for his old pal McDonald

burger kind ad 2020  mcdonalds

One would think that these fast food giants will keep butting heads with each other day in and day out trying to decide which heart-attack-inducing burger is better. This is what makes Burger King’s heart-tugging ad extremely effective.

What’s So Good About It?

  • The Branding Is Still There – Burger King may be talking about the Golden Arches here but their company brand is not lost in the process. The color scheme, the fonts, and the slightly “rustic” feel of the Burger King brand is still evident in the image ad. 
  • Strong, Emotionally Charged Headline – As a rule, image ads are supposed to have 20% or less text space. This entire ad is text – it’s an open letter. However, the lengthiness which is supposed to turn people’s eyes away is overruled by the controversial headline. An emotionally-charged headline that can cause intrigue and interest in people is always a huge plus when it comes to ad creation. Check out Coschedule’s headline analyzer tool to check yours!

2. This Mouth-Watering Breakfast Ensemble From Ketone

(And their equally helpful fitness calculator!)

facebook ad best example ketone

Dieting always sounds like a god-awful word, but this company, Ketone, begs to differ.

Getting to eat eggs and bacon in the morning has always been the selling point of the ketogenic diet and this company made a strategic use of food display to make you want to jump on the bandwagon.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Great Use Of Colors – The colors are popping and they elicit the right response from you – which is, in this case, hunger. Colors are an important part of any ad. It’s important that you are using appropriate colors that grab attention. Here, the yellow of the yolk, the green of an avocado, and the redness of bacon create the perfect imagery of breakfast.
  • Clear Price Indication – If we look at the description on the lower left hand side, We also get to see the exact price of the service they offer – plus the actual value you can get from it. Clients are assured 60-days worth of meal plans for a price lower than $2. Great deal, right? But if you think about it, these meal plans are created one-time and they can be sold to hundreds of people at once. 
  • Interactive Redirect Page – So this company decided to not head straight to the offensive and upsell clients like crazy. They decided to take a route that will allow them to build trust and rapport with possible customers. They do this by giving them a choice to identify their own problem (and ultimately, resolve to buy the solution or not) using a fitness calculator. 

3. Time to ‘Calm’ Your Mind

Calm is a mobile app that helps you stay calm through meditation and sleep. In other words, they strive to help people reduce their anxiety or feel better in general.

We’ve added this ad to our Facebook ads example list because it’s a very creative way of showing how the app can help people which creates goodwill. In fact, they are actually helping people buy them just reading what’s on the image.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Make your content native: this picture is really native. We see tons of similar pictures on social media these days. Making your advertising appear like a normal should be the goal here.
  • Create helpful content (goodwill): creating Facebook ads that actually help your consumers is one of the strongest ways of creating an awesome relationship with your customers. Helping people is also one of the best ways of making friends, the same principle goes into business.
  • Show social proof: people don’t know your brand, even less if it is legitimate. Showing social proof signals such as awards or certifications can really help your brand get seen as a serious consideration.

4. Bath & Body Works Sanitizing Gels’ Nutcracker Dance Recital 

Imagine going into the bathroom and seeing your adorable hand soaps dancing to the rhythm of Nutcracker? Impossible? Bath & Body Works begs to differ with their latest promotional video that is packed with the holiday vibe.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Fun & Creative – The company’s ad is rather simple, but it sure knows how to make an impression. Dancing hand soaps – now, that’s crazy original. 
  • Timely & Relevant – It’s a disinfectant with a Christmas-inspired design. It is obviously a combination that just makes sense considering we’re in the middle of battling a global pandemic, don’t you agree?
  • Competitive Price Indication – In the description, it says “4 for $20.” At first glance, this may be a stellar deal considering that you get four items for the price of 1. However, all factors taken into consideration (e.g. size of each bottle), it may actually be a bit overpriced for a hand soap.

5. Perfect Diary Beauty’s Magical Transformation

Cardcaptor Sakura Charm Set

🌸NEW LAUNCH🌸 Perfect Diary X Cardcaptor Sakura💋💋 #COD #PerfectDiary✨

Posted by Perfect Diary Beauty on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

If you are a fan of Japanese animation, you may have already encountered a few characters that you just absolutely adore – enough to want to buy their partner merchandise.

Here, we see Perfect Diary launch a makeup kit designed to look like something our favorite Cardcaptor, Sakura, would use. They even gave a tutorial on how to magically transform to look like her.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Targeted Audience – This Facebook ad is clearly tapping into a specific fanbase (i.e. anime fans, Cardcaptor Sakura fans, etc.).Creating an ad that would appeal to a specific audience can help increase ad engagement.
  • Product Demo – The ad also shows how the entire kit can be used, giving viewers an idea about how the product can work for them as well.   

6. BookBub Lines Up The Best Reads For You!

Getting their best line-up of quality reads passing through your newsfeed? BookBub sure knows how to make a first impression. Also, striking a curious question right off the bat only helps pique a bookworm’s curiosity even more.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Interactive Approach – BookBub decided not to sell their library of books right in your face, but rather offers to help give you the best recommendations based on your preferences. That “short quiz” bit in the description is a nice touch. 
  • Convincing Headline – There are days when people just don’t know what book to pick up. Creating a headline that offers a solution to a common problem can easily draw your target crowd’s attention.

7. J-Lo’s Playing? Count Me In!

Millions Are Already HOOKED! 🤩⚒😵⚒🤪

Attack Your Enemies 😈 & Steal Their Coins 💰 Be The Invincible Coin Master 🐷 Play Now! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Posted by Coin Master on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Many people do Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a reason – to get up close and personal with their favorite stars.

So if an interactive game starts showing you an ad about Jennifer Lopez playing, you can’t help but want to get in on the fun – right?

What’s So Good About It?

  • Using Influence To Influence – If you have the connections, getting famous personalities to vouch for your brand is effective in getting people to show interest.
  • Raising A Challenge – The demo of the game is especially designed to provoke you into taking action. J-Lo’s attacking your village, they said. So aren’t you going to take it back?

8. Pfizer’s “Make A Difference”

It’s undoubtedly challenging to get people to participate in undertakings that pose some degree of risk towards themselves – like the coronavirus vaccine clinical trials. Pfizer created an ad that centers on the very important role trial volunteers have, sending out a powerful message.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Empowering Message – This Facebook ad from Pfizer puts a lot of emphasis on the world’s fight against a common enemy. It connects with viewers on an emotional level to influence them to take action.
  • Branding Colors On Point – Using blue and white primarily as the background color in the video solidifies the Pfizer brand. 
  • Showcasing The Gains/Benefits – Halfway through the video ad, potential benefits (like compensation) is briefly mentioned, which could become a motivational factor in converting viewers to participants.

9. “Right Around The Corner” by

best facebook examples care

Leaving your child with a new babysitter can make you feel restless and anxious. What if your child doesn’t behave well? What if the new sitter don’t give two cents about your child’s well-being? How do you know you’re leaving your child in safe hands? decided to answer all of your questions and rest your worries with this friendly, trust-based Facebook ad.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Friendly Faces – When you want to nurture feelings of trust in your audience, featuring warm and smiling faces in your ad always works like magic. It gives them that instant connection that makes them want to know your business a little better.
  • Client Feedback – Testimonials work best with trust-based services. People need to hear from fellow clients about what they think about a service so that they feel more confident about availing it themselves.

10. The Biggest Annual Sale (but not really) by Zalora


T-2 days left for the biggest sale of the year #ZALORA1111sale Discounts up to 80% off along with vouchers + cashback! Happy shopping folks 🥳

Posted by ZALORA on Sunday, November 8, 2020

Zalora, and similar clothing brands, are fond of announcing grand annual sales that get bigger each and every time. They always market their biggest annual sale ever – although the same grand sale happens practically every month (7.7, 9.9, 11.11, etc.). Makes for a great caption in everything, though!

What’s So Good About It?

  • Sense of Urgency – Running ads based on limited time promotional offers is generally more likely to increase opt-ins and click-throughs.
  • Dynamic Collection Ads – Dynamic ads + Collection ad template is a killer combo when it comes to retail products such as these, as they bring attention to products users have previously shown interest in.
  • Slashed Prices – Slashing prices (showing the before and after) is a great way to show people how much exactly they get to save if they buy “now.”

11. Carousel Fun from Pura Vida

A shining example of carousel ads in action, this ad definitely dispels the notion that Facebook ads have to be boring. The creative, interactive nature of this carousel campaign actually resulted in Pura Vida selling 20x as many unique products.

What’s So Good About It?

  • What makes this ad work? The combination of eye-popping imagery, user-generated content and a socially conscious message help this ad totally kill it. Each slide essentially represents a separate ad in and of itself, allowing plenty of room for experimentation and more opportunities to convert.

12. Run The World With Marina De Giovanni

How To Stand Out As An Influencer

Struggling to stand out as an influencer is the worst, isn’t it? But how good would it feel if you were finally able to grow an audience, for real? ☺️ The “secret”🔑 is in ONE thing. Here’s how to do it…

Posted by Marina De Giovanni on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Marina De Giovanni’s brand screams so much of girl power and “pink” that your first thought won’t be about how she’s a funnel marketing coach. Digital marketing doesn’t look half as glam as the vibe of her IG posts, so who could have possibly suspected?

But this “disconnect” is also what brings her business charm. It elicits the right response from the right audience – which in this case, are women entrepreneurs.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Lifestyle Marketing – Marina De Giovanni markets her brand by showing her lifestyle – subtly hinting people that if they learn from her, they can be leading that kind of life too.
  • Targeted Branding – This Facebook ad has also been created in such a way that it appeals to a certain type of audience – women. Having a clear target market can make your ads perform better.

13. Body Goals Achieved With Gummies? Goli Approves

best facebook ad example goli

A lot of people struggle with trying to lose weight. Many diet fads are just too restrictive and boring. You can’t eat most carbs and sugar, which means candy is just out of the picture.

So this brand, Goli, decided to appeal to health fanatics in the most tempting way – gummies!

What’s So Good About It?

  • Image Panels – These image panels are actually kind of deceiving, but they tend to get a lot more click-throughs. People click on smaller images, thinking they’d enlarge but end up being directed to a sales page instead. This gets you clicks but the rest depends on how well your sales page performs.
  • Showing The Before & After – Using realistic images of what someone looked like before and after trying the product tend to be more convincing than just using words.
  • Showing The Before & After – Using realistic images of what someone looked like before and after trying the product tend to be more convincing than just using words.

14. “No Crap Here,” Design Pickle’s Watching!

Design Pickle is a company that offers a service of unlimited graphic design for other business owners who require such a need.

After watching their entire ad library, we’ve decided to pick this Facebook ad as an example for the others.

Why? Business owners love a no-bullshit talk because they hate wasting time. This ad is a great example of being polarizing, meaning having people love you or hate you.

Design Pickle sure walks the talk. An ad that speaks for itself is always the best ones out there. Here, we see a graphic with a nice pop of color but if you look a little closer, you’ll see the honest and straightforward message the business is trying to deliver to its audience.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Popping Colors – The pink in this image is bomb. It draws you in at first glance, thinking you are looking at something sweet and fluffy – Then bam! You see poop. It sure catches you off guard which makes it all the more interesting.
  • Hint of Satire – This ad is everything at once – a little funny, a little harsh, but 100% honest. It doesn’t beat around the bush and hands its two cents right off the bat.
  • Challenging The Audience – Lastly, the ad poses a question that really gets people to stop and think “Are my designs really that bad?” You know your ad is doing well when it gets people to confront the bigger questions.

15. Nas Daily Teaching From Experience

nas academy best facebook ad example

We all know Nas and his gang. If you are a frequenter of YouTube or Facebook Watch, you are bound to come across video content made by their creative team.

So Nas, knowing full well his influence in the world of digital media, decided to offer a service that he knows he can pull off – teaching others how to create their own videos.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Recognized Authority – Nas has already built his empire and everyone knows that he is effective at what he does. Creating a product or service based on expertise and advertising it as such is always best.
  • Branding Elements on Point – Black and yellow are signature colors of Nas Daily (the brand). It has been used again for this new venture, Nas Academy, maintaining the sense of familiarity people have about the brand.
  • Compelling Message – Communicating a relatable message, or showing people the possibilities they can experience if they get on your service can help convert a bigger audience.

16. Hopper HQ Hitting You Right Where It Hurts

hopper best facebook ad example

Managing different social media accounts at the same time is a common problem businesses and marketers have. Hopper HQ directly pinpoints this problem and offers a clear solution.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Pinpointing A Problem To Which You Have A Solution – Whenever you plan to mention a pain point, make sure that your product or service provides the exact solution to it.
  • Colorful & Attention Grabbing Image – This fun image is not even related to digital marketing in the slightest but it communicates the message well and attracts attention, some good pointers to consider when you create your next Facebook ad.
  • Vote of Confidence – Mentioning the number of happy users or clients you already have in your business is a great way to build people’s trust and confidence in your brand.

17. MailChimp Shows You What’s Next

mailchimp best facebook ad example

This Facebook ad from MailChimp may seem like it’s running a little too fast – but that’s exactly what they’re going for. By showing you the ad in this “runny” way, you focus your eyes on what’s really happening on screen, paying more attention to what the ad is showing you.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Showing Users Exactly What They Can Expect – The “audience counter” featured in this ad is a nice touch. It shows MailChimp’s target market exactly what type of results they can expect from using their service – in this case, a growing audience.
  • Tells You Exactly What Needs To Be Done – In this Facebook ad, MailChimp doesn’t even care about “suggesting” what you should do next in your business. Rather, it tells you exactly what you should do.

18. Johnson & Johnson’s Stands With PRIDE

target best facebook ad example

Here’s another Target sponsored ad for some J & J products on Pride Month.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Supporting A Cause – Showing support to a cause your business believes in can help you gain the trust and support of customers who share similar beliefs. Make sure you are really behind the cause, though! Not just there for the publicity.

19. Anchor Wants To Make Podcasting Easier

anchor best facebook ad example

Have you ever been out for a drive listening to a Podcast and thought to yourself “I could totally do this too. Problem is, you just don’t know where to start. Well, thousands of others have had the same thought and are plagued with the same problem – so Anchor decided to offer a solution.

What’s So Good About It?

  • “Everything You Need In One App” – Simplifying things for the user is what an application is for. Reaffirming this ideation by mentioning phrases like this one can help boost opt-ins and click-throughs.
  • Simple yet Striking Image – This image is something even a beginner can do on a freeware like the Canva app. But the use of colors can sure attract a lot of attention!
  • Again, Vote of Confidence – Letting your target market know that a lot of people are trusting your brand already can instantly improve their impression of your company.

20. Escils’ Limited Time Offer

escil best facebook ad example

Creating a sense of urgency for your offer is always a great way to attract more attention. This Facebook ad from Escils understands that concept very well.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Limited Time Offer – People are more inclined to buy “now” when they know that they might not get the same chance again later. 
  • Price Slashing – Again, show the before and after price – it works!

21. L’oreal Taking Care Of Your Wrinkles – and Budget

loreal best facebook ad example

You can buy your eye cream and face cream separately, or you can buy L’oreal’s Revitalift to take care of both. The ad makes you rethink your current beauty routine and how expensive and/or time-consuming it is, then offers you a viable solution.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Product Versatility – Showing how your product or service can help people out in more ways than one can improve their perceived value of it. In this case, the product can be used for different skin types as well as different areas of the face.
  • Budget-Friendly – I’m sure this product is no chicken feed to buy, but it lets you save because it can cut down costs of other products you may also be using. 

22. Automatic Script’s One Time Payment 

automatic scripts facebook ad example

Offering a one-time payment product or service may help increase brand conversions and sales big time. Many people are too anxious about signing up for subscription-based services in fear of getting charged for something they didn’t use for a month.

Here, Automatic Script offers to solve all your marketing content issues for a one-time, discounted price.

What’s So Good About It? 

  • One-Time Payment, Lifetime Service – Mentioning “lifetime” here is a great way to stimulate people’s interest in buying the service. It lets your product be perceived as having higher user value.
  • Discounted Price – One time payment option + discounted price is an effective combo.

23. Mastering English With World TESOL Academy 

tesol facebook ad best example

TESOL is a great certificate to have if you are planning to work in an industry that requires great English speaking and writing abilities. World TESOL Academy offers to hand you that certificate online for a small fee.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Legitimacy Approach – In this Facebook ad, we see an image of a woman holding her TESOL certificate; it doesn’t look like a stock photo either which gives the ad more credibility.
  • Listing Down Advantages – A checklist of all the advantages of availing a program is great when you want to appeal to an audience who is particular about value for their money.

24. The Body Shop Malaysia Going All Out With Those Discounts

body shop malaysia facebook ad example

People love discounts. So, if you are running a limited time promotion, make sure that our Facebook ads communicate it well. Like this one from The Body Shop Malaysia!

What’s So Good About It?

  • Clear Message – Sometimes, all you need are a few words to communicate your ad message properly. The Body Shop has a sale, and that’s it!
  • Inclusive Of Certain Audiences – Mentioning in your ad description that your product accommodates the buying considerations of certain groups of people is also effective. In this case, “100% vegetarian” and “cruelty-free” are powerful keywords.

25. Coca-Cola Will Not Be Silenced

cola best facebook ad example

The Black Lives Matter movement blew up big time back in June 2020, and companies were either keeping quiet or actively supporting the cause. Coca-cola did not think twice to give its two cents during this most sensitive time.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Simple But Straightforward – This ad is quite plain but plenty symbolic. The switch from the usual red branding color of Coca-cola to black sends off a strong message.
  • Compelling Message – The ad text is also compelling. The use of short phrases to make a point makes the ad stand out even more.

26. A Freebie from Leadpages

leadpages best facebook ad example

Leadpages 2020 Marketing Calendar Template was up for grabs so who in their right mind could refuse such a freebie? Engaging with your audience and building your relationship with them by giving them access to free and valuable content has always been effective.

This checklist freebie, specifically, is easy to set up for a big audience.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Giveaways/Freebies – People like free stuff. Or to be more accurate, they like trying things without consequence before they spend money on anything. Freebies make people feel like you’re not always out to get into their pockets, but also to provide them with real value.

27. This Could Be Your Family – Visa Premiere

visa premiere facebook ad example best

Ever thought of moving to another country? Maybe. But for some families, migrating to another place is a dream come true – then again, such a drastic life decision is easier said than done. Visa Premiere assures its market that migrating can be easier – with their help.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Setting An Example – The image used for this Facebook ad paints a pretty picture of what your life can be after you use the company’s services. Using a realistic photo of a family also helps boost the ad’s relatability.

28. Get Over Your Ex-Fast Preaches Wendy’s!

wendys best facebook ad example

Wendy’s never ceases to amaze, not just with their food but especially with their feistiness in social media. Wendy’s  snarky tweets and sassy social media posts have always earned a lot of love from the internet. Now, they’re out to make you give up on your “ex-fast.”

What’s So Good About It?

  • Witty Humor – People love funny remarks! They are more likely to share it with their friends as well. Wendy’s has also been known for its sass online. Maybe your business can benefit from such an approach as well!
  • Product Comparison – Using graphs, charts, and other types of visual representation can help you establish your product’s dominance in the market.

29. Metric-based proof by Asana

asana best facebook ad example

Asana is a productivity management platform – so what better way to appeal to its audience than to show them exactly how their productivity in a day looks?

What’s So Good About It?

  • Communicating With Numbers – Using statistics in your Facebook ad, especially one that’s presented in such a simple way as this one from Asana, can get viewers to understand the point of your ad in one look. It also gives your brand more credibility as your ad claims are based on factual data.
  • Textless Image – When the image you use for your ad already has text data, it gives viewers fewer reasons to read the actual description. This simple, textless graphic brings all the attention to the description area as people try to understand what the graph is about.

30. Klaviyo Wants To Help Your Business Grow

klaviyo best facebook ad example

Klaviyo gets an A+ for effort. Here, they show us how committed they are when it comes to providing users real value. This approach also helps new or interested viewers foster feelings of trust for the company as they can see exactly how other brands who use Klaviyo are growing their business.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Value-based Content – People love learning something new – especially when there are no costs involved. Getting them interested by allowing them to peek into how your business operates and how it provides value to existing clients is a great way to market your services.

31. The New York Times Urges YOU To Join The Movement

new york times best facebook ad example

You can always expect to read some of the best copy from The New York Times. Words are their business’s lifeline after all. In this Facebook ad, instead of hard-selling their subscription-based services, they urge viewers to join a movement – to support independent journalism.

What’s So Good About It?

  • Creating A Movement – People are more inclined to pay for a service that they can personally identify with. By using this ad, TNYT kills two birds with one stone: Have people subscribe to their service and get more like-minded people to join their community.
  • Use of Powerful Words/Phrases – In this ad, you can see a lot of powerful words (e.g. truth, worth, support, crucial, etc.” It’s a short ad but it delivers its views from a strong standpoint.

 32. Boycott Designer Brands Because DIFF Has Something Better & Cheaper To Offer

DIFF best facebook ad example

Why buy designer brands that cost you almost three months of salary when you can look just as fabulous with these high-end sunnies from DIFF? Getting this message out in the form of a client’s testimonial is a great way to get people to make the “switch.”

What’s So Good About It?

  • Clear Promo Announcement – Indicating their promotional offer as the headline of this ad on the bottom left, makes it easy to see despite everything else that’s going on in the ad.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – When your business works for a cause, you can encourage more people who support the same cause to purchase from you. Here, DIFF urges its viewers to make a “DIFFerence” by buying their products in exchange for someone else getting much-needed vision support.
  • Understanding Your Product’s Strengths – DIFF knows full well that its hard to get people off the “designer brand bandwagon” and so, it tries to appeal to viewers using its best leverage – cheaper price, high-end product.

About the author 

Reeve Yew

Reeve is the CEO and a Member of Forbes Business Council.

He has spoken on stages, both online and offline, alongside world class entrepreneurs and marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Kevin “Shark Tank” Harrington and Mark “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Joyner.

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