November 4, 2020

online tools for facebook videos

92% of digital marketing professionals are obsessed with videos.

Are you still part of the remaining 8% who think otherwise?

Video marketing, specifically Facebook video advertising, has proven its effectiveness time and time again.

In fact, 99% of marketers who started a campaign this year plan to continue using video ads in 2021 – with 95% of them saying that they are looking into maintaining or even increasing their current ad spend. 

If video marketing has not been positively impacting their ROI, you would think they would cut their losses early, yes?

The mere fact that they are welcoming 2021 with video ads as part of their annual marketing strategy shows us that these 30-second snippets are definitely worth every penny. 

Here’s how you can create profitable Facebook video ads every time, without fail.

What Makes A Profitable Video?

Facebook videos are some of the most popular marketing methods.

How do you determine the Return on Investment (ROI) of your video?

As I mentioned earlier, most marketers already report positive returns on their Facebook video ad campaigns.

So positive, in fact, that they’re willing to invest more money to further improve the current content strategies that they’re running.

Question now is, if you were to run your own Facebook video ad campaign, what factors should you be looking at to determine whether you are getting your money’s worth?

Direct Traffic

It doesn’t even matter if the people who account for this traffic converts or not.

The mere fact that your ad is getting direct engagement from users is a positive return, too. It helps promote the business and raise brand awareness. 

Metrics that you should take note of that relate to direct traffic are numbers of likes, comments, shares, mentions as well as direct searches (i.e. hashtags, video ad keywords) that people input on Facebook’s search box.

I’ll show you a nifty tool later on that can help you get these numbers fast and easy. Read on!

Purchase Numbers

If there is an increase in the number of sales your business makes over the course of your video marketing campaign and post engagement is also doing particularly well, then it is safe to assume that the spike in purchases is directly or indirectly caused by your successful video ads. 

You have to determine how significant, on average, the changes are by comparing sales numbers before and after you’ve run video ads on Facebook.

If the CTA on your video ads also leads to a sales page, you can also monitor click-through rates as well as actual purchases made via the ad.

Word of Mouth

Why do you think some companies and famous personalities would go as far as pull publicity stunts?

It’s because they get to be the “talk of the town” for a certain period of time. 

Being the topic of conversation, being able to stir people’s interest and get them to talk about your business in their circle of friends are some of the best ways to get your brand out there.

It helps solidify your business’s identity.

Video ads are a great way to spark a topic of conversation.

This is especially true when you are giving viewers something that tickles their interest, like a compelling message or an unconventional advice!

Videos can create lasting impact that may not be possible with other advertising mediums.

Lifetime Value

Aside from one-off purchases, another thing to look at when measuring the ROI of your video campaign is the lifetime value of each client. 

If you’re a dentist, for instance, you may gain new patients from a successful video marketing campaign on Facebook. You can get new inquiries, appointments, requests, etc. However, given your line of work, this could mean repeated visits – maybe even a lifetime client.

If you think of it like that, the returns on your ad campaign may not be immediate, but it is recurring. The business you make out of a single ad may not just come from a single purchase but a series of purchases thereinafter.

If you decide to try your hand on Facebook video marketing, mind these factors well. You have to be able to determine how relevant your ads are to the growth of your business. Test multiple ads and determine which ones bring you the most favorable results.

Now, on to the main event.

These are the tools we recommend you start using if you want to maximize your video ad returns and ultimately make your life easier.

9 Facebook Online Tools For Videos

Sure, you can hire a remote video production team to do the work for you.

But it wouldn’t be the most practical thing to do when you are just starting out.

This is doubly true when you are still a developing business, and you don’t have much to spare for your ad budget.

The internet has blessed us with so many conveniences, including video-making tools that can help you reduce production costs while increasing the efficiency of your Facebook ad campaign. 

You can even do all of these in 2020’s quarantine (without spending tens of thousands/month on a video team).

1. Canva

Canva is perfect for simple Facebook video editing.

Nothing is more cost-effective than something that’s free, right?

Canva is a graphic design tool that lets you customize images and videos easily.

The tool operates using a drag-and-drop function and has pretty straightforward features for editing – making it the perfect design platform for both designers and non-designers. You can easily open a free account using your Facebook or Email. 

There is also Canva Pro and Enterprise for businesses that can let you in on an exclusive library of templates, images, videos, and elements (more than 75 million).

Fun fonts are available too, as well as in-app social media post scheduling. All this for around $10 a month. Not a bad deal, I’d say.

Then again, if you’re a little low on budget, you can always open a free account and decide later on to upgrade if the need arises. Even with a free account, you get access to 880 free video templates.

That’s still plenty, don’t you agree?

If you are a total newbie when it comes to designing your own video ads, Canva may be a helpful tool for you – especially when you’re looking to include shorter videos (>10 seconds) in your campaign.

2. Biteable

Biteable is a straightforward editing platform for Facebook videos.

Don’t really want to feature your own face on videos? Why not create infographic-style animated videos, instead?

Biteable also offers freemium subscriptions – which basically means you don’t pay for anything.

There’s a catch, though.

Videos made with free accounts can’t be rid of that Biteable watermark that is frankly too distracting to watch. 

On the other hand, their Plus plan starts at $19 per month so it’s not exactly a deal breaker. In this case, paying for the service isn’t optional – just imagine the look on your viewers face when they see watermarks on your ads, right?

Anyway, Biteable features a staggering 1.8 million library of images and clips. While they also have snippets of live people, the video-making and editing software is best known for its adorable animation videos.

If you’ve seen episodes of The Infographics Show, Biteable offers a very similar aesthetic:

We’ve seen finance and trading companies adapt infographic-style animations in their video ads as it helps make their business seem less complicated and well, friendly.

If you want your video ads to make use of a similar style, Biteable is for you.

P.S. Biteable also allows you to caption your videos real easy – and we do suggest that you do put in those subtitles!

Also, 80% of viewers are more likely to stay tuned in till the end of the video when there are captions so they are a must.

3. InVideo

InVideo has plenty of templates for Facebook videos.

Now, on to another video creation app that’s close to marketers’ hearts.

InVideo is heaven-sent for people who don’t know the first thing about creating videos optimized for Facebook ads and thus, feel anxious about starting their own campaign.

Well, InVideo helps you overcome that anxiety by giving you the facilities to create engaging videos that are meant for ad placement.

When prompted to choose between in-feed or story templates, scroll down a bit and choose “video ads.” This should help you find the right templates to use.

Quick Tip: 16:9 aspect ratio is best for in-feed ads while 9:16 works better for story ads. It makes all the difference, so be sure to keep this in mind!

4. Facebook Grid Checker

A simple Facebook online video tool.

This tool is pretty straightforward and easy to use. According to Facebook, image and video ads with less than 20% ad text (on the thumbnail for videos) are likely to perform better than those cluttered with heavy texts. 

In fact, your ads won’t be allowed to be published if they don’t meet this rule which is why a tool like Facebook Grid Image Checker tool exists. It makes sure that your video thumbnail meets the basic requirements for posting on Facebook. 

What you do is you simply click on all the squares (on the grid) that have text on it and the tool will then analyze how much space the text has consumed in the image. 

Whether lesser text does indeed attract more viewers or whether Facebook made this rule to maintain aesthetic standards, fact remains that you need to follow the requirement – and this tool can easily help you out.

5. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule optimizes your Facebook video headline.

Looking for a great headline for your video? Here’s a nifty tool to help you out!

Coschedule Headline Analyzer can help you create more catchy headlines that are sure to attract viewers attention.

Longer headlines aren’t necessarily better, especially with video ads where people are more inclined to ‘watch’ content rather than read it. 

This tool can help you come up with a headline that’s just the right length (numbers of characters and words), as well as provide you inputs regarding what keywords would be best to use (word balance).

6. Kyleads

Kyleads is a different way for you to engage leads from Facebook video ads.

Now, let us get down to business.

The main reason we’re running video ads is to ultimately get that sale, right?

Anyway, this tool – Kyleads – can help you convert those visitors to leads and create opportunities for retargeting going forward.

Kyleads can help you create popups and quizzes that’ll gather client data for you. This way, you can touch base with these “already interested” visitors at a later date – and this time, equipped with more information about them. 

There are other form builders out there that can provide you with similar features.

Kyleads is just so simple and easy to use that we think it deserves a special mention.

7. Qwaya

Qwaya is a handy Facebook ad campaign manager.

Next, we have Qwaya. Your all-in-one Facebook ad campaign manager.

Qwaya is a great tool for marketers who just can’t seem to stay organized and follow the latest developments in their campaign without third-party intervention (aka every single marketer out there, lol).

This is why tools like Qwaya come super handy. It helps you stay on top of everything while also maximizing the potential of your video ad campaign.

For instance, it can help you schedule ads (Facebook and Instagram), run A/B split tests, and define performance based rules to automatically pause campaigns that are not doing too well.

It’s like having a secretary – for a flat fee that is far, far cheaper. Why not check out their free trial?

8. Madgicx

Madgicx is an AI-based Facebook ad campaign manager.

If your video ads are not working but you’re not exactly sure what else to do to make things better, you can try Madgicx – an AI-based automation tool for Facebook ads.

Madgicx takes record of your ad performances and metrics (click-through rates and return on ad spend), determines which strategies are working and which ones are not, and automatically generates optimized versions of your ads that you can then test to check for performance. 

They even have a Creative Studio where you can assess and analyze even finer details about your ad content.

Once you have the data you need, next is to go to their ad launcher, select your preferred audience and set KPIs, and just let the machine-learning software do the rest of the work.

It can automatically increase ad budgets for videos that are performing better and pause campaigns that are doing poorly.

Thus, optimizing your time, budget, and reach potential.

9. Unbounce

Lead your visitors to Unbounce from your Facebook video ads.

As mentioned earlier, getting people into your sales page is not really the biggest problem of all. An even bigger concern of yours should be how you can prevent them from opting out.

Unbounce helps you create more effective landing pages by capitalizing on people’s tendency to gravitate towards anything familiar. Let me paint a picture for you:

Say, you watched a video ad on Facebook that really hooked your attention. You visit their website to find out that things look a little off – the aesthetic of the site looks entirely different from the “feeling” you got from watching the ad. In the end, you opt out because of how unfamiliar everything is.

This is what Unbounce can fix for you.

They can help you create landing pages that feel very similar to your video ads that it captivates visitors with a  sense of familiarity upon reaching your site.

You can even embed the video ad itself on the landing page to further boost client trust. 

Landing pages can make or break conversion opportunities for your business. Checking out Unbounce might do your campaign good. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, these tools are just what they are – tools.

They help make your life as a marketer easier, but they are not what will make you a “marketer.”

You need to be equipped with the right skill, knowledge, and mindset if you want Facebook Marketing to bring favorable results to your business. All these, our Reeve Yew team can help get you started on. 

No day like today to start getting better! What’s your favorite tool from the list?

Once you figured that out, here’s how you run a profitable Facebook ad campaign step-by-step.

About the author 

Reeve Yew

Reeve is the CEO and a Member of Forbes Business Council.

He has spoken on stages, both online and offline, alongside world class entrepreneurs and marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Kevin “Shark Tank” Harrington and Mark “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Joyner.

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  1. Yes, I agree that creating brand awareness is important, but I've noticed my recent views have been doing quite well but it doesn't show on the numbers 🙁

    Do you have any tips on how to convert them into sales?

  2. InVideo is my go-to! Unlike those complicated video editing software that is so difficult to master, InVideo is so easy to use and it has tonnes of templates for beginners like myself.

  3. Hmm, would you be able to talk about what kind of topicsundefined content to do that will be able to catch the attention of audiences next?

  4. A good alternative for Qwaya can be Adespresso, they do almost the same thing and adespresso is much cheaper!

    Just a heads up to anyone who's looking for a FB ad manager.

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