September 14, 2020

steps to create a landing page

You want to create a landing page.

But surprisingly, there are too many people who will obsess over the right colours, the right graphics, etc. 

(I’ve heard of people who design their whole page bright, disgusting yellow. Apparently this conveys trust…? Lol.)

Based on his bestselling book Sell Like Crazy, Sabri Suby -who has made $1.33 billion in sales from his digital agency-, shares a few tips on how to actually create a landing page that brings in automatic sales.

You know. One that doesn’t just LOOK nice, but actually uses psychological cues to convert visitors to paying customers. 

1. Grab them by the throat with your main headline. 

Sabri loves to use the expression ‘grab them by the throat’, which I think is an awesome way to start. 

Even by saying that itself he conveys a message. That a headline should always be about jolting your readers awake. 

Writing a headline is like trying to wake someone up from a deep, DEEP sleep. While they’re in a burning house. 

You can’t silently nudge them with a ‘hey, are you awake?’. Rather, you’ve got to yank their shoulders and scream ‘WAKE UP RIGHT NOW OR YOU’RE DEAD!’ 

To illustrate the importance of this, take both headlines for example;

Title A (Astrological Love) was created in 1982, written by Naura Hayden.

Looking at the book, what do you think it’s about? Is the content clear?

One book in 1982 was expected to print out about 5,000 copies. This one didn’t even print 2,000 copies. It was a failure.

The author Naura Hayden sold the book to bookstores for only 99 cents. But a New York publisher picked up her book and said “Hey, this looks interesting.”

So he bought the rights to the book and republished it. Exact same content, exact same book. He just changed the headline.

Title B (How To Satisfy A Man Every Time…And Have Him Beg For More) sold 2.3 million books in the first 18 months!

This guy went on to become a #1 NY times bestseller.

When all else fails–figure out how to create a landing page with this headline format;

Finally! How to Get [DESIRED RESULT] Without [THING THEY FEAR MOST] in [SPECIFIC TIME FRAME] – Guaranteed. 

Eg: How To Get More Work Done In The Office (Without Overdosing on Coffee) in Just 7 Minutes!

2. Your sub-headline is important too, yo. 

This is where you restate your offer. 

It’s where -if customers weren’t convinced the first time-, you get another chance to drive that point into their heads. 

Let’s say you need people to download your free e-book on keto diets. 

Your headline looks like ‘How To Lose Fatty Skin Fast (Without Starving Yourself) By Following 3 Simple Recipes.” 

Your sub-headline looks like “10-page Cookbook, Full-HD Diet Step-by-Step Guide.” 

3. Bullet points on everything. 

When you’re on the hunt for information, what would you rather read? 

Chunks of paragraphs that seem to highlight everything but the f*cking point? 

…Or straight bullet points? 

I trust that you know the answer, so I’ll get on with the best way to do this. 

Sabri Suby’s ‘Fascination Bullet Copy Examples’:- 

  • Going vegetarian is good for your health right? Wrong! 
  • How to buy a house with only RM100 in the bank! 
  • 7 ways to flirt with a girl without talking!
  • Where to find clients that are begging to pay you!
  • How to stop procrastinating in the office FOREVER! 
  • What you should never say during a first job interview!
  • Say goodbye to useless, tiring workouts. 
  • The dirty truth about coffee finally revealed…
  • Have you been raising your kids the wrong way? (And does it really matter?) 

Avoid random and boring benefits like ‘the pros and cons of digital marketing, etc.’ that just fall flat. 

Practice writing your bullet points with mystery and bizarre-ness as possible.

The end goal? People have to be intrigued enough to download/click/buy to confirm your weird claim. 

4. Show, don’t tell. 

You understand the importance of good copywriting now. 

But as Sabri says,

“It’s not enough to just tell your prospects what they’re getting, You need to show them, and make it polished so the perceived value is very high.” 


Understand I don’t mean obsess over graphic design when figuring out how to create a landing page.

Sabri just says that you should always be SHOWING your e-book, free report mockups. Or even illustrating just how many pages your prospect will be getting when they download something. 

5. Un-complicate your forms. 

Obviously, you’re giving out free PDFs/e-books/reports for a reason.

You’re collecting the contact details of your prospects to reach out to them in the future. 

BUT. And there’s a huge but. 

It’s not a small request asking for someone’s personal details.

Somewhere in the back of their minds, they KNOW that you’re going to be using this for retargeting and possibly annoying them with spam email. 

It’s your job to make this section of your landing page feel LESS INTRUSIVE. 

For one, avoid asking your prospects for too many details. 

Did you know that the less information you ask for, the higher your conversion gets? So, cut out the noise, and make it simple. 

Personally, I craft all of my landing pages using ClickFunnels, but it shouldn’t matter what builder you use when you’re figuring out how to create a landing page.

At the end of the day, your copywriting + page’s flow is what’s going to matter. How much of emotion, how you craft your offer is what’s going to bring you the big bucks. 

Follow this simple 5-step process, and you’re good to go! 

[HINT > Go here for Sabri Suby’s own ‘Power Guarantee’ that’s 100% aimed at making your competitors close shop FOREVER ;)] 

About the author 

Reeve Yew

Reeve is the CEO and a Member of Forbes Business Council.

He has spoken on stages, both online and offline, alongside world class entrepreneurs and marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Kevin “Shark Tank” Harrington and Mark “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Joyner.

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  1. I actually really like this breakdown. Read so many how-to's on the "design, structure" of the landing page but not many will talk about the true things that matter

  2. Been hearing about the benefits of landing pages from everyone. The thing is, in my biz, we're an online tutoring and mentoring platform that may require details about the teachers there, lots of info about class sessions and other pricing details. Our website doesn't get much visitors, which is where during my investigation, came across the topic of landing pages….but idk how to make the move??? Can u help

  3. Wow — illustrated guide! Lots of easy to follow value here, good one Reeve.

    Do you u build landing pages for clients?

  4. The Naura Hayden example is a great one. I scrolled through the paragraph, and was like "hey that's in Sabri's book!" and then realized this was a summary of what it says about landing pages. Awesome!

  5. HATE landing pages that ask for so many details. Like aren't you losing the point??? Just go for a website then???

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