September 14, 2020

proven ways to attract customers

It shouldn’t be so hard figuring out how to attract customers to your business.

But what if everything you’ve been taught about customers was a lie? 

…And if following this outdated advice is why you’re losing them?

This sort of realisation is necessary for any business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur to have once in their lives. The kind that knocks you to the ground, and STARES at you until you can finally admit it to yourself. 

Maybe your realization could even look like Sabri Suby’s new book.

In his new book -Sell Like Crazy-, Sabri shows us that if we don’t realize this one thing…

That your business will continue to leak customers. 

Again and again and again. 

And you can only solve it by (drum roll, please)…

Flirt Before You Sell.

You heard me. Get to seducingggggg (but really marketing) to those that don’t get the attention they need. 

Most marketers think that aggressive, in-your-face marketing is how they’re going to get new customers. 

So why is that not the case? 

The answer to that question is the same answer to this one…

You go on dates with girls/boys. Why don’t you spend 2 hours shouting at them that your mom thinks you’re the best thing in the world/that your car is better than everyone at work/that your ex-girlfriends have never really met anyone like you before…

You don’t. Because that’ll scare anyone into blocking your number and probably reporting you on Tinder. 

So, all that blah di blah simplified = stop trying to sell complete f*cking strangers. 

One of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten from a client (and probably the reason why I’ve managed to make $10 million dollars on repeat/year) is that I don’t ‘SMELL’ like a salesman. 

Instead, I was told that I solve actual problems instead.

My value always goes ABOVE my desire for sales. And that’s how I attract more customers to my own business.

Sabri thinks the exact same thing. In fact, the dude came up with his own formula to prove it. 

He calls it the Larger Market Formula, and it looks a little like this; 

The Larger Market Formula explains one thing. 

Which is how to get from; 

Not Problem Aware > Problem Aware > Information Gathering Mode > BUYING Now. 

At any given time, there are 3% of your customers in the ‘Buying Mode’ on the Internet. Their needs are simple and urgent. 

3% of people will have a conversation like this = 

CUSTOMER – ‘I’m hungry and I’m craving a burger.’ 

YOU – ‘Is beef okay?’

CUSTOMER – ‘Sure.’ 

Simple right? 

….There’s just one teeny, tiny problem. 

You’ve got Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s saying the same SH*T.

Your competitors are going hard after that 3% of people, which makes it hard to how to attract more customers to your business.

Between you and a million dollars of ad spend? 

And between you and the fact that the world ALREADY knows McDonald’s, Burger King? 

So do you have any chances of standing out? 

Harsh, I know. But let’s deal with that together. 

Sabri puts this perfectly – 

“From experience working with thousands of businesses, the biggest mistake they’re doing is walking into bars and asking people to marry them.” 


So what do you do? 

You bring that 37% of people up, up, and up the pyramid. Take their hand and help them make that DECISION. And then, BAM! SALE. 

This is a new conversation to be had. 

CUSTOMER – ‘I’m hungry.’ 

YOU – ‘Do you want to eat something?’ 

CUSTOMER – ‘Sure. But what?’ 

YOU – ‘How about a burger?’ 

CUSTOMER – ‘What kind?’ 

YOU – ‘Our beef burgers are bestsellers right now! Let’s get you some food.’

CUSTOMER – ‘You’re the best! <3’ 

And THAT is how smaller businesses get noticed.

You have that advantage over bigger brands; intimacy.

Don’t immediately reach for that 3% that’s already being bombarded by other brands.

Get super close to 37% of people who are being ignored. (Cuddle with them, be their big spoon, and you’ll always be gaining repeat customers.) 

You can also use Sabri Suby’s ‘Power Guarantee’ technique to really, really understand how to attract more customers to your business.

Ask 9 Important Questions.

I remember running ads for a client in the food business once. 

She ran an ice cream shop in the city that saw about 100-150 customers/day in their first week. 

Just from talking to her one-on-one, I knew she was an awesome lady. Even better boss, so there was no shock that she managed that kind of success during launch week. She handled her sh*t like a pro and was always thinking of new marketing, new strategies. 

But the worst happened. 

Over time (and I’ve sadly seen this happen to sooo many food businesses)…her ice cream shop became one of those places that only had people rushing in because it was ‘new’ on the block. 

A couple of months in? She saw her 150/day customer numbers turn to a sad 20-40/people. 

On a *good* day. 

I still remember her tearing up a little bit when she said out that number. I really, REALLY wanted to help, and I knew the problem was a marketing one cause her ice cream was f*cking amazing, no doubt. 

“Who’s your target audience right now? Let’s start there.” I asked. 

“It’s young women, in their 20’s-late 30’s.” She replied. 

“…And? What else?”

Her, super confused. “What else is there? That’s our audience.” 


Immediately, I knew that the problem.

Even when she was consistently marketing her business, she was blind to the bigger picture. 

“When it comes to acquiring new customers, the most basic starting point is understanding who they are. 

Understanding someone’s age and gender is NOT ENOUGH to know them.” 

Primal desires. 

Deepest fears. 

Hidden wishes. 

That’s what you need to include in your copywriting + marketing. 

My client’s customers thought so too.

We brought her from barely 40/day to having 200 walk-ins and 80 online deliveries/day by helping her understand her target audience better.

Based on Sell Like Crazy, here’s how you figure that out. 

Ask yourself these 9 questions. 

  1. Where does your dream buyer hangout? 
  2. Where does your dream buyer get their information? 
  3. What are their biggest frustrations and challenges? 
  4. What are their hopes, dreams, and desires? 
  5. Do you know their biggest fears? 
  6. What is their preferred form of communication? 
  7. What are the phrases and exact language do they use? 
  8. Can you tell what your dream buyer’s life look like? 
  9. What makes them happy? 

Boom shakalaka. 

Now you’ve got enough content to produce better ads, better copywriting and better posts that actually sound like you’re a human talking to another human. 

And there you have it. 

Sabri perfectly explains the process of turning a random pair of eyes into the step-by-step method to attract more customers to your business.

I know a lot of people expect confusing-ass formulas and a hell lotta work, but that’s just not it. 

Even if you don’t get to read Sell Like Crazy, just following these two concepts are gonna make you your first million. 

So, chop chop! Let’s get to it.

About the author 

Reeve Yew

Reeve is the CEO and a Member of Forbes Business Council.

He has spoken on stages, both online and offline, alongside world class entrepreneurs and marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Kevin “Shark Tank” Harrington and Mark “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Joyner.

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  1. One thing I wish people understand.

    It's not about trying to target anyone and everyone. If you're a good marketer, you'll know to just talk to the people that are worth something to your business.

  2. Hahahaha, okay so I had the same problem as your restaurant owner (not ashamed to admit!). My analysis of our customers was just "youngsters who were Instagram-savvy" and build a lot of marketing strategies with that.

    Moved on from that, and never looked back!

  3. Love this book! Helped me a lot with starting my dropshipping store and taught me a bit on how to attract more customerss.

  4. Ok all honesty. Sabri's ads are everywhere (a little annoying) but Sell Like Crazy was pretty good. Covered more than expected!

  5. I like your comparison between small businesses and Burger king, McD and the rest. It's a good point, they will never have the same personal "intimate" feeling" like we do. That's just one of the pros of being one of the smaller guys I guess 😉

  6. Okay but hear me out.

    Isn't it better to test out different audiences before you go ahead and finalize the ones you want to go for? Who will bring most profit, that sort of thing….

  7. So you previously did the Golden Circle, and now it's Sabri's tips!!! You're counting down all my fave marketers, we share the same taste :p

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