September 24, 2020

best tips to work from home

If you could work from home 3 days out of the week, would you? 

…But what if I threw in another surprise? 

What if you could do 3 days worth of work in just 5 hours? 

Okay, okay, okay. 

Not as impossible as it sounds.

With Tim Ferriss (laptop lifestyle MASTER, author of the #1 bestselling book 4-Hour Workweek) as your guide–this is totally achievable. 

I was obsessing over the 4-Hour Workweek all of last week. 

And based on Tim’s awesome f*cking tips for slaying the workday like a ninja…

…Here’s 6 tips to get more work done. (So you can enjoy more time off, kill procrastination and spend more time doing the things you love…)

1. List down what matters. 

Sounds so simple, but it’s crazy effective. 

Get your Notepad app out. Or just an actual paper notepad. 

Then, bullet point at least 5 things that need to be done today. 

Don’t get fancy and start listing out deadlines, progress checklists, subtasks. 

Just 5 mini things that you want to achieve to reach that big goal at the end of the week. 

work from home tips

Never stray from these 5 tasks. 

It’s especially hard, -if you’re a business owner like me it’s INSANELY difficult- but be very strict about this. 

When ad-hoc tasks come up, keep that for another day. 

2. Do the right things, instead of doing things right. 

Stay away from ‘fake’ productivity black holes. 

(Do you really need to colour code your yearly planner? LOL.)

 Don’t download too many apps that make you do MORE work…

Or spend useless time playing around with it. 

A list of things Tim uses in his workday; 

For business owners running their stuff on the go, I recommend message apps like Slack and ClickUp. 

And that’s IT. Personally, only using 3-5 platforms MAX has been working for me. 

The more management, productivity, time tracker, extensions and other apps you obsess over–the more time you consume switching between it all. 

3. Do the hardest thing first. 

Need to call a difficult client? Organize that spreadsheet? Plan a yearly company trip? 

Do the most HARDEST thing on your list first. Before starting your day. 

This way, you’ll never, ever postpone this again. 

(…Clear this from your list, and you’ll never have to face this roadblock again.)

4. 60-minute deep work sessions. 

work from home tips

Give the ‘hardest’ thing on your list 60 minutes to complete. 

Don’t worry about not getting it done. 

If you accomplish 25% of it each day, it’ll take 4 days or less to completely get it done!

5. Use the 2-Hour Rule. 

You just had a heart attack. 

To avoid another one, the doctor tells you that you can only work two hours/day. 

What activities come to mind? 

If the first thing that you think about is “it’s impossible!”…

…You’ve lost this game. 

The problem with 5 hour, 8 hour workdays is that it gives you too much time to waste. 

You take an extra half hour for lunch, you spend another hour chatting with colleagues, another two in meetings…

The reality? You can complete most of your work for the week in 5-7 hours MAX. 

The 2-Hour rule will give you laser focus on the most pressing issues.

work from home tips

….So you can push more things off your plate much, MUCH faster. 

Start with cutting down 4/5 of time spent on emails, answering calls, meetings and paperwork. 

This is the step-by-step process Tim Ferriss (and hundreds of thousands of stress-free people follow!) 

6. What do you look forward to? 

Maybe it’s an afternoon yoga session? 

Walking your dog? 

…For me, it’s catching up with friends during lunch. That, or playing some piano after a long day staring at a screen. 

Give yourself something that’s NOT “work done” to achieve. 

Decide that, and you give yourself more motivation to get things done. ON TIME. 

And that’s it! 

What I love about Tim’s book is that EVERYONE can follow it. 

Business owners, employees, freelancers…

It’s getting all of you to TRAIN for the big leagues. 

So when you truly want to start an online business…you’re working with 20x the speed! 

And when you’re finally ready to grow your 7-figure empire, here’s the quickest way to do it 😉

About the author 

Reeve Yew

Reeve is the CEO and a Member of Forbes Business Council.

He has spoken on stages, both online and offline, alongside world class entrepreneurs and marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Kevin “Shark Tank” Harrington and Mark “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Joyner.

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