August 20, 2018

So you are a business owner.

And you are proud of having a website. Which is good!

A lot of business owners out there still doesn’t believe in the need to have a website. Give yourself a clap on that.


Ask yourself this again.

What is the purpose of your website when you first set it up?

Sales? Exposure? Free traffic?

Fast forward to now. Is it doing everything you expect it to do?

I don’t know you or your website yet, so only you can answer that.

Now, let’s top it up a notch.

Are you happy that your website is just serving as a general information dump?

Do you secretly wish that your website can do so much more?

If your answer is YES..

What you need, my friend, is a landing page!

Now now, what is a landing page?

A landing page is essentially the page where a visitor first arrives or “lands”.

But to a marketing person or copywriter, it is more than that.

It is the entry of a sales funnel.

And you don’t wanna mess this up.

The biggest marketing taboo is trying to do too many things at once.

Marketing is a strategized process, each stage carefully crafted to lead them to the next stage.

If your visitor lands on a general homepage (hint: typical WordPress theme), how can you ensure they will stay on?

Most importantly, how can you lead them to your ultimate goal, which is to convert them into your customer?

You can have 10,000 visitors with 1% conversion, or 3,000 visitors with 10% conversion. Your choice.

A landing page has a specific purpose which is to convert.

Looking to generate direct leads?

Grow your email list?

Sales conversion?

Through the art of copywriting and elements of good design, a landing page does a much better job of retaining your visitor which leads to better conversion.


Enough about benefits.

What makes a good landing page?

Think ONE.

One product/service.

One goal.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, but you have to first come out with a specific goal that you want to achieve for a particular landing page.

Do you want them to subscribe to your email list?

Do you want them to read another page?

Do you want them to contact you?

Either way, select one and only ONE goal.

Next, use the PAS formula to outline your contents.

What is the Problem that you are trying to Solve for them?

Agitate the problem by painting how the problem affects them.

When you have instilled enough emotions and established credibility, this is the time to present your product, feature or service on how you can solve the problems you’ve just mentioned.

Finally, ask them to take action with a call-to-action.

The PAS formula works because it forces you to talk about your product or service in the context of your readers. Rather than just presenting the great features it has, the formula provides a structure that forces you to think about the readers’ pain and then position your product or service as the solution to that particular pain.

The key to your landing page success using the PAS formula is truly by understanding the pain points your customers have and how your product or service can help alleviate those pains.

Now, go run your Google ads or Facebook ads.

Direct them to your new landing page.

Watch the magic unveiled.

About the author 

Jackson Yew

Jackson is the lead funnel strategist and funnel hacker at Funnel Duo Media. When he's not building funnels, he's probably having a cappuccino while reading up on principles of marketing, human psychology, and business.

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